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Playing on the beach


Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain May 2013

Amelia enjoyed the sunshine at Alcudia beach with group of triathletes friends. While the triathletes busy with preparation for their race. Amelia was busy enjoying herself at the beach. She also completed the Ironkids race there.


Sesimba, Portugal August 2010

Amelia spent summer holiday at Sesimba Portugal. She went to the beach and swimming pool everyday.


Southend-On-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom 21 June 2009

It was a sunny Sunday, we went to Southend-On-Sea sea side for the day. Amelia found a crab stuck on a rock and the crab was trying to bite mummy when she was trying to free it.

Amelia and mummy walked on the concrete jetty and reached the far end. On the way back to the seashore they saw a blue baby jelly fish in the sea.

Bournemouth Sandy Beach - 23 to 25 May 2009

It was spring bank holiday on 25 May 2009 in England and Wales therefore a long weekend breaks. We went to Bournemouth for the weekends. The sun was shining throughout the weekends.

Amelia was playing on the beach most of the days. She was playing with sands, trying to bury mummy's feet.

She tasted the sea water for the first time. She said "it's salty".

She loved her ice creams treats.

Herme Bay Sea Side - 26 April 2009

Uncle Ian and his wife, Aunt Amelia took me to Herme Bay Sea side. Amelia took her shoes off and found the sea water was freezing her feet and she put her shoes back on. she was enjoying throwing stones into the water.


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Amelia's favourite books

Amelia loves reading. click on the book cover to see her books collection.

Thank you for your generosity and support with the charities that work hard to help babies born with congenital heart defects.

Total Donations raised for the charities that help babies born with congenital heart defects by Amelia and her parent so far is £2,039.92:

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Charity
  • The Sick Children Trust
  • Make A Wish Foundation

By participating in the following activities:

  • SwissAlpine Kids Run 1.4km 2015 by Amelia herself
  • Henley On Thames Kids Triathlon by Amelia herself 2014
  • Westminster Mile Run by Amelia herself 2014
  • Fun Triathlon by Amelia herself 2013
  • 2010 Bupa London 10000.
  • British Heart Foundation Hyde Park Jogs 2010
  • 2011 Adidas Women's 5k Challenge at Hyde Park London.
  • Climb Mount Kinabalu expedition on 1 December 2011.
  • Bupa London 10K 2012