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Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity featured Amelia's story in their Valentine Day 2011 fundraising project.

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Amelia Gardening


Amelia went to Garden centre with mummy to get some plants and flowers for the garden. She asked mummy whether she can buy some tomato seeds.

She enjoyed helping mummy to transfer the flowers into pots and watering the flowers and plants in the garden. She also planted her tomato seeds. She water her tomato seeds frequently and hope that she will see the tomato plants soon.

Amelia said once her tomato seeds become plants and produce lots of tomatoes, we dont have to buy tomatoes from the supermarket any more.

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Amelia's documentary

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Thank you for your generosity and support with the charities that work hard to help babies born with congenital heart defects.

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Total Donations raised for the charities £2,039.92 so far:

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Charity
  • The Sick Children Trust
  • Make A Wish Foundation

By Amelia and her parents by participating in the following activities:

  • SwissAlpine Kids Run 1.4km 2015 by Amelia
  • Henley On Thames Kids Triathlon by Amelia herself 2014
  • Westminster Mile Run by Amelia herself 2014
  • Fun Triathlon by Amelia herself 2013
  • 2010 Bupa London 10000.
  • British Heart Foundation Hyde Park Jogs 2010
  • 2011 Adidas Women's 5k Challenge at Hyde Park London.
  • Climb Mount Kinabalu expedition on 1 December 2011.
  • Bupa London 10K 2012